About Us

About Us

If you are a Christian family looking for a school that shares your beliefs and values, seeks to build a safe environment and high standards, Central Queensland Christian College is the right place for you.

High academic standards are based on an acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord, and the Bible as the revealed Word of God. This stimulates students to:

  • Explore and use effectively their God-given talents.
  • Develop sound Christian values and attitudes in all they do.
  • Think through their relationship with God, their families, other people and the environment.
  • Grow in maturity, discernment and Christian spirituality.

CQCC was founded in 1993 by Peace Christian Church under the leadership of John Alley.  The College was established to be a ministry of and to the whole Body of Christ, in the Central Queensland community.

CQCC maintains strong affiliation to and cooperation with Associated Christian Schools and Independent Schools Queensland.